See a more detailed schedule below. Schedule is subject to change.


Pre-Conference Outing

Saturday, September 23th, 1pm – 4pm

Join us to have some baseball fun. For everyone arriving Saturday, we will be attending a Chicago Cubs game. Game time is 1:20pm. **tickets purchased on your own**


Sunday September 24th, noon – 5pm

Get checked in at the hotel and the conference registration desk in front of the Regency Ballroom. Say hi to old friends and get settled in!


Sunday, September 24th, 1–5pm

Specifics to be determined.


Sunday September 24th, 6–9pm

Reconnect with your fellow AMLers and make some new friends at the Welcome Reception.



Monday September 25th, 6:30am-8am

Provided as part of your conference registration.


Monday September 25th, 8:00 – 9:30am

Natalie Phelps Finnie, IDNR Director; Ben McCament, NAAMLP President;
Office of Inspector General

Technical Session 1

Monday September 25th, 10:00am – noon

Get started with the first Technical Sessions of the conference! See each of the four tracks for this session below:

Tentative schedule

Room A: Coal AML

10:00am: Flooded with Complexity: Low-Impact Stormwater Design in Madrid, New Mexico – A Case Study

10:30am: Pennsylvania Anthracite Region Investigations and Emergencies

11:30am: Mine Fire Projects in the Anthracite Coal Region of Pennsylvania

12:00pm: Drilling and Grouting Methods in the Context of Underground Mine Fire Projects

Room B: AML Project

10:00am: So, you want to drill into a mine pool? [Directional Drilling Projects]

10:30am: Beneficiation of Mine Waste – An Approach to Critical Minerals

11:30am: Challenges in Reactivating a Hardrock Mine with Extensive Historic Underground Mine Workings

12:00pm: Stay Out Stay Alive – Digital Marketing PSA

Room C: Subsidence

10:00am: Resourceful Approaches to Mine Infill Design

10:30am: Developing Solar on Former Mine Lands

11:30am: Subsidence of the Springfield Lutheran High School

12:00pm: Mitigating a Centuries Old Abandoned Coal Mine Under the Trans-Continental Railroad

Room D: Partnerships

10:00am: AML Economic Revitalization in Coal Impacted Communities

10:30am: Building an Inventory of Abandoned Mine Features Partnerships – USMIN Project

11:30am: Navajo AMLRD Partnerships

12:00pm: A National Program Strategy and Management of Abandoned Mine Lands on National Forest Systems Lands

Lunch Break, own your own, 12:30-1:30pm

Technical Session 2

Monday September 265th, 1:30 – 4pm

After lunch, head back in for more knowledge and inspiration.

Room A: Reclamation

1:30pm: Solving The Long-Term TDS Problem in Legacy Surface Mine Sites in the Central Appalachian Region

2:00pm: It’s Been a Decade – What Have We Learned? [Geomorphic Reclamation Techniques]

2:30pm: Advantages in Using Native Plant Species for Reclamation

3:00pm: How Successful has Reclamation at the New World Mining District Been?

3:30pm: The North American Bat Monitoring Program (NABat) and Mine Lands

Room B: Streams & Groundwater

1:30pm: Wildlife use within Swastika Stream Restoration Project Area

2:00pm: Evaluation of Leachate Source in Lined Repository and Leachate Reduction Strategies

2:30pm: Stream Restoration
Solutions for

3:00pm: Dewatering of Iron Sludge for Pigment Production

3:30pm: Federal and State Efforts to Clean Up Historical Abandoned Mines in Central Arizona Reduce Copper in Vital Stream

Room C: Acid Mine Drainage

1:30pm: Crabtree Creek AMD Restoration Study

2:00pm: Lab- and Pilot-Scale Sulfate-Reducing Bioreactors Treating Acid Mine Drainage from an Abandoned Nevada Gold Mine

2:30pm: Rehabilitation of the Old Bevier Passive Treatment System

3:00pm: Tioga River Watershed Restoration / Consumptive Use Mitigation Through an Active Mine Drainage Treatment Plant Project

3:30pm: A Tale of Two Mine Water Treatments

Room D: Technology & GIS

1:30pm: Expanding Inventory in the Era of BIL

2:00pm: Using Geospatial and Geostatistical Models to Visualize Site Data and Features, Estimate Waste Extents, and Inform Remediation Design

2:30pm: Collaborative GIS Solutions to Support Abandoned Mine Data Collection

3:00pm: Implementation of Enterprise GIS Solutions to Improve Efficiencies of AML Project Management

10:30am: Creating a Geospatial Tool that uses Data to Track Reclamation and Assessments of Potential Hazards Caused by Mined Lands


At Soldier Field – tours of the stadium will be available during reception time.

Monday September 25th, 5-6pm (Reception and tour); 7pm (Banquet); 8pm (Awards)

Join us as we honor and celebrate what we do and those who have done some amazing work!



Tuesday September 26th, 6:30 – 8am

Provided as part of your conference registration.

Technical Session 3

Tuesday September 26th, 8:30am – 10:30am

Get started with the first Technical Sessions of the conference! See each of the four tracks for this session below:

Room A: OSMRE Awards

8:00am: National Award Presentation (TBA)

8:30am: Small Project Award Presentation

9:00am: Appalachian Region
Award Presentation

9:30am: Interior States Award Presentation (TBA)

Room B: NAAMLP Hardrock Awards / Acid Mine Drainage

8:00am: Western Award Presentation (TBA)

8:30am: Remediation Contamination Award Presentation (TBA)

9:00am: Remediating Safety Hazards Award Presentation (TBA)

9:30am: Optimizing Growth of Acidophilic Iron-Oxidizing Bacteria for Acid Mine Drainage Remediation

Room C: Technology & GIS

8:00am: The Merging of GIS and Remote Sensing; Disciplines Used in Monitoring, Analyzing, and Detecting Subsidence Features

8:30am: Virginia Department of Energy Coal Waste Inventory Project

9:00am: LiDAR to Identify and Characterize AML

9:30am: Leveraging Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Augmented Reality for Use in AML

Room D: Bat Conservation

8:00am: The White Hat World of AML and How It’s Fighting A Changing Climate / Colonial Roosting Bats, Partnerships, and Getting $!@# Done

8:30am: Updated Best Practices for Safeguarding Mine Openings in Wyoming

9:00am: USFWS Bat Listing Updates (VIRTUAL PRESENTATION)

9:30am: Effectiveness of Current AML Mitigation for Maintaining Use of Mines by Bats


Tuesday, September 26th, afternoon

Lunch will be provided for tour attendees only. Then head off to your assigned tour.


Business Meeting

Wednesday September 27th, 8am – 4pm

Time to get down to business! If you are a delegate, we’ll see you here. Breakfast and Lunch will be provided.

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